One Piece 710 Raw Scans Online King Neptun Strong Attacks


Posts about One Piece 710 raw written by One Piece Manga. Second thing is we saw Bellamy was able to grab him and hold him strong. But after the Kings Punch he was blowen away. And that Situation makes me a bit wonder. Mean this that the range of the Barrier is variable or did he work with diferent Barriers.

one piece chapter 710

one piece chapter 710

Cause when Bellamy was holding Bartolomeo, he must be in the Circle of the Barrier. That Ending or outcome was a bit strange in my thought, to much open space and questions. The other Point i like, we saw the third King with a kind of special Attack or strong Attack. That shows me, that the Kings of the old Days was really strong and able to stand against Pirates.

Befor the Devilfruits was coming in. Ivankov got his Wink, now we saw the Kings Punch that attack was really impressiv. And on FMI we King Neptun strong attacks, i like how Oda give the Kings a small power up to improve there Positions.

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